IELCX2020 (International Emerging Leaders Conference 2020)

«It’s the ninth year in a row that Colegio Internacional Alminar has been an active participant at the IELCX2020 (International Emerging Leaders Conference 2020) at Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia (USA) which took place from October 3rd to 11th at its very first online (successful) version.»
In this year’s edition, Ángel, Lilu, María Sánchez, María Ramírez, Carla, Paula and Tomás have taken part in enriching and challenging projects with students from worldwide international schools, such as China, Mexico, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Morocco and several other nations, guided by their moderator teachers: Máximo and Carlos. It’s been a bedazzling experience which they’ve really enjoyed. Herewith some images from this globalised experience.»